Teaching methodology and class

2022 - present

Share, Improvise, Record, Duplicate is a methodology designed as an “artistic twin” of a scientific research process that provides a strong emphasis on improvisation, collaboration, multimedia translations and, most importantly, process driven erring. SIRD aims to foster experimentation by relaxing canonical ideas of perfection, and critiques individualistic notions surrounding authorship which I believe ultimately enables and champions horizontal collaboration between disciplines and brings students closer to a better and more empathetic understanding of their milieu. 


Share aims to introduce collective and collaborative ways of working. Students will work on a collaborative piece that has to be activated outside the classroom by 5 or more people. Understanding their role not just as artists but also as directors, participants, audience members or just documenters.


The class will reflect on improvisation as an artistic strategy related to science and other disciplines. Students will discuss if improvisation is informed by knowledge or lack of preparation. Is it unprofessional to improvise or the most professional are the best improvisers? Is improvising the base of experimentation?
This module employs systems of chance and dérive theory, as well as questions about method -or lack of method- in science and artmaking. Students work on creating narrative structures based on chance, making collective visual systems and using walking as fieldwork.


The third module experiments with time-based media to translate ideas to form. Not only through recording technologies as microphones, cameras and sensors, but also on the tracind or recording capabilities of materials. Students will work on processes and materials used to record certain actions, or specific phenomena in time. Training sessions include soft recording materials (clay, plasticine, ceramics), mechanic recording (sound + video), and digital recording (digital recorders, video cameras).


This module utilizes printmaking and repetition as an artistic strategy to disseminate the students work. The class will work with the conceptual implications of publishing as an art form as well as the power of duplication and repetition. Trainings include digital duplication with a RISO machine, printmaking, and molding and casting tutorials.

Share, Improvise, Record, Duplicate is thought as a collection of exercises that inform each other in a continuous process. A final project is not mandatory as the efforts in the class are cumulative, however a final presentation of the work will be required. Strong emphasis will be placed on experimentation and process-based work, failed experiments are strongly encouraged.

*Class taught at the Art, Culture and Technology program at MIT and Parson’s School of Design