Artistic research project and exhibition.

Taipei, Taiwan


Scale Signal Spectrum is a research project part of the Invisible Interfaces ongoing research. Developed in Taiwan in collaboration with Taiwanese artist Chi Po Hao, the project aims to understand atmospheric phenomena through the creation of walking interfaces in the form of aeolian harps and kites designed to respond to weather conditions and wind patterns in the city of Taipei.

Converting the interface’s sound into radio signals not only allowed us to amplify the sound of the wind, but also to feel and register the flow pattern and rhythm of the wind more deeply. This approach shows how subtle changes in nature can be transformed into direct sensory experiences that point to urban morphology and climate patterns. The piece consists on a dissasemblable modular system that can be interacted by various participants to receive such signals from the wind. The project was accompanied by a residency in Taipei Artist’s Village, a lecture of the project and a series of workshops, presented in Taiwan’s Sonic Sensory Lab and the C-Lab as part of the annual STS conference titled Rescaling the World.

This project was possible thanks to the support of the Taiwan National Culture and Arts Foundation, UNAM Geosciences Center, C-Lab Taiwan, Taiwan STS Association, National Taiwan University, FabLab Taipei, Zonesound Creative and Dérive Lab.

Exhibition view of Rescaling The World STS Conference, Taiwan 2023

Kites on flight in the coast of Hualien, Taiwan. 2023

View of workshops and walks held in Taipei and Hualien, Taiwan 2023

SCALE SIGNAL SPECTRUM Poster, Sonic Sensory Lab. Taipei, Taiwan, 2023.

Street camouflage study for wind harps. Taiwan, 2023

SCALE SIGNAL SPECTRUM invitation card using small scale moire interference